Price monitor

Price monitor is an independent intelligence study, which main role is to monitor retail prices in Slovakia. It is only up to our customer what kind of products he wants to monitor and where. Information retirieval is based on primary research by our trained staff.

Main benefits of primary research are:

  • identification of the difference between desk price and the bill price
  • identification of a type of price (promo price, standard price)
  • physical availability of the product on the sale surface

The study is suitable for:

  • retailers who want to know competitors prices
  • producers and distributors who want to recognize the price level of competitor’s product in comparison with own product

Folowing items can be adjusted according to your requirements:

  • structure of the study
  • number of products
  • variety of shops

PRICE: depends on the number of products and number of places, where the monitoring will be realized



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