Distribution controls

DC represent a qualitative and quantitative revision of a distribution of your mareting activities. Practically it means a control of distibution your leaflets, catalogs and posters. Doesn’t matter if you use your own distribution channels, or a specialized company, the most imoprtant is the result.

Based on this revision you will be able to indentify the weak points of the distribution and improve the efficiency of the distibution.

The revision is realized by our trained staff, who will according to primary research detect the quality of your distribution.

It is up to you, what kind of materials would you like to have monitored and when.

The aim of this revision is to evaluate the quality of your distribution, indentify the weak points and inform you about all this issues and results.

PRICE: Is closely liked with the number of revisions, place of the revisions and their complicancy. We will be very glad to prepare for you a price offer according to your parameters.



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