Leaflet monitor

Leaflet monitor regularly monitors the leaflet price actions on the slovak retail market. It is a monthly study, which consist of monitoring prices in following segments:

  • groceries
  • nonfood goods
  • drugstore goods

Leaflet monitor gives you a lot of useful information like:

  • single overview of the promoted products
  • duration of the promo offer
  • ability to filter the database according to your needs
  • chronological view on the prices
  • product details
  • and many others...

Leaflet monitor is a source of valuable information for:

  • comparative analysis of selected price/segment
  • analysis of duration various promo offers
  • analysis of the most promoted products and producers
  • identification of price leaders in your segment

The Leaflet monitor is published regularly – once a week, always on Monday.

PRICE: 150,- EUR /segment /month



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