Merchandising controls

MC represents a general revision of your merchandising activities. Its aim is to make a qualitative and quantitative revision of:

  • physical presence of a product
  • placement of a product (quality of merchandising)
    • position in a shelf
    • secondary display of a product
    • number of displayed lines
    • ranking in comparison with the competitors
    • price labels of the products
    • POS materials
    • maintaining FIFO
    • cleanliness of a package
    • correct communication of a product (label in the front)
  • amount of displayed goods (quantity of merchandising)
    • number of pieces
    • are there empty places by the control?

Finally you will get a report where you will find the final evaluation of the merchandising, a photo of your assortment with the date and time of revision.

The optimal periodicity of a control is at least 2 times per month.
For optimal evaluation of merchandising quality it is necessary to monitor the work of a merchandiser. Merchandising is not only displaying, but also working with the goods.

You can select the scope of the revision. The revisions are realized in various places according to your selection, so you can select only one retail chain (e.g. Tesco), or more/all chains where do you have your products.

Main advantages:

  • time savings for you and for your business team
  • independent and expert results
  • removal of all distortions caused by „extraordinary relationships“
  • lower price than the cost of your own revision

PRICE: Is closely connected with the range of your products and number of retail chains. We will be very glad to prepare for you our price offer, just let us know about your interest.



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