TRADE monitor + TOP20

This is a regular monthly report which brings you a look on current situation, trends on slovak retail market and on the progress of relevant macroeconomic indicators.

In TRADE monitor + TOP 20 you will find a lot of useful information like:

  • macroeconomic analysis of the progress and current situation
  • historical progress and forecast of selected exchanges rates
  • microeconomic analysis of the progress and current situation
  • analysis of sales, employment, productivity and inflation
  • TOP 20 companies according to the total sales in current year
  • analysis of the company expectations
  • macroeconomic territorial analysis
  • relevant news
  • and many others...

Study Trade monitor + TOP 20 is suitable for you because it:

  • substitutes time-consuming data mining from various media
  • offers complex information in one place
  • contains up-to-date information about TOP 20 companies on slovak market
  • saves the money and time

The study is published at the end of the month and contains the data with two months delay.

PRICE: 199,- EUR



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