RETAIL network

RETAIL network is a study containing detailed analysis of retail network in various districts and towns in Slovakia. The analysis is based on multiple criteria such as:

  • number of shops
  • size of the sale surface
  • sale surface per capita

The RETAIL network especially consist of:

  • supermarkets
  • shopping malls
  • self-services
  • drugstores
  • furniture
  • and many others...

In RETAIL network study you will find a lot of useful information like:

  • structure of retail network in Slovakia
  • identification of the best retailers
  • size of the sale surface in various districts and towns
  • regional differences in Slovakia
  • the progress of retail sale
  • the total number of retail plants
  • and many others...

RETAIL network is a source of high-class information for:

  • managing the qualitative and quantitative expansion
  • managing th business team more efectively
  • deciding wheter to enter the market or not

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