Retail 2015 is a study which can help you forecast the trend of slovak retail market by the year 2015. It is a source of high-class information about historical progress of slovak retail market and factors affecting it.

In Retail 2015 you will find a lot of useful information like

  • analysis of factors affecting the progress of slovak retail sale with food and consumption goods
  • comparative analysis with selected European countries
  • mid-term forecast of macroeconomic and sociodemographic progress
  • forecast of production and consuption, export and import
  • mid-term forecast of the retail market progress
  • quantitative analysis of selected retail outlets
  • sales and market share forecast of selected retail outlets
  • shopping behavior forecast
  • forecast of the TOP retail companies by 2015
  • and many others...

Retail 2015 is a source of qualified information, which can be used to

  • analysing the future progress of retail sale
  • managing the quantitative expansion
  • analysing and forecasting the main competitors
  • managing a business team

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