TOP 50 Electronics

This study brings you an independent view on the most powerful retail, wholesale and distribution companies operating with electronics on slovak market. The companies are classified according to the sales in 2009.

In TOP 50 Electronics you will find a lot of useful information like:

  • positions of the best companies on slovak market
  • information about y/y change of positions
  • y/y sales indicies
  • TOP retail companies with electronics
  • TOP wholesale companies with electronics
  • total number of the shops and their segmentation
  • the shares of electronics sales on the total retail sales
  • and many others...

TOP 50 is a source of high-class information for:

  • analysis of your own position
  • analysis of competitors
  • evaluating the performance of the competitors
  • identification the most powerful companies according to the segments

PRICE: 150,- EUR



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